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Clare Mullin

Clare Mullin

Be Interviewed by Clare Mullin and Present your message

Since 2000, I have had interviews with prominent and successful people in the community with helpful and exciting information that we all should hear. They have been artists, authors, teachers, medical people, executives and consumers talking about how their lives became richer and fuller as example. Don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to be interviewed by Clare Mullin and present your message. 

Benefits to the Community:

  • Hear and learn your message
  • Participate in your vision
  • You become an added resources based on your expertise

Benefits to the Guest:  Basic Package (Free)

  • Get your message heard by the community
  • Interview with an experienced TV host
  • Taped at a professional television studio with up to date equipment

Premium Offering For professional coaching by Clare, a producer and Host, (call for pricing) 

  • To provide better package you and your expertise including
  • Scripting, Staging presentation material
  • Tape Editing and YouTube connection, (optional)


Clare Mullin, M.A., DTM
Sunnyvale — California
Phone: 408-737-9646